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A healthy person is a balanced one.
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Over three decades of practice has led me to learn some remarkable things. Every patient is unique. The same treatment or technique does not work for everyone. Patiently listening and asking the right questions helps to understand the patient. Understanding the patient is more important than understanding the disease. No doctor heals: the body heals itself with proper treatment and time. Natural remedies incorrectly prescribed can sometimes do damage, therefore we responsibly only sell products to patients so we can monitor short and long term effects.

Gently prodding the body toward balance using soothing techniques helps the body quickly heal itself. This is especially true with patients who are undergoing difficult treatments such as radiation and/or chemotherapy. By combining comforting healing techniques with conventional treatments we can support and uplift the body creating an atmosphere conducive to healing.

A healthy person is a balanced one. A good practitioner understands that mind, body and spirit are one and addresses all three. Prevention of a disease is better than treating one therefore keeping in touch with patients to ensure that they remain healthy. Having a practitioner that truly cares about you and listens to you creates a bond that translates to great results.

For all these reasons and more I have always offered free consultations. I want to know and understand you before deciding which combination of treatments would work best. At our clinic we offer: Acupuncture, Herbal medicine and supplements, dietary therapy, and massage therapy.

Bonnie Kenny L.Ac, DIpl. CH

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